Description of Select Rich

An sales page of EA by PIF company.

That the chart of the currency traders continue to see it will be the semi-automatic buying and selling tool of issuing the order without.


Three kinds of select any of the EA, Select, etc. followed by the currency pair and bet amount.


Create an account in the securities company in to a personal computer that meets the operating environment along with the MT4 from the installation to the following link, you can use if the payment to the account.


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URL of the securities company is Here!


This operation guarantee other than securities companies can not do so, please understand.


From the purchase form below, please purchase a license to use need considerable number.


If you have the settlement is completed, we will send guidance to the e-mail address that had you fill in the form.


According to the procedure that is written to the contents of the e-mail, you can use at any time the service if to complete the account opening of particular securities company.
With regard to the other of clear information [details], please refer to the following.
An sales page of EA by PIF company.
★ returned goods
Not principle
★ cancellation policy
Service characteristics and the nature such as was done on fully convinced, because it is assumed that I am your purchase at your own risk, cancellation will not be accepted.
Since it is assumed that using the service at the stage that issued the license key, please note it.
★ purchase procedure
Credit card payment, and wallet settlement
★ delivery method
We will issue a use license key to the e-mail address that had you register.
★ time required
It is immediate.


Operating environment




Windows7 or later


Purchase form


Service price

  • The value $950(about 100,000JPY) to 1 license sales.(Product code 0001)
  • The value $2850(about 300,000JPY) to 3 license sales.(Product code 0002)
  • The value $5000(about 600,000JPY) to 1 special license sales.(Product code 0003)
Applicant information
Registration number of units
Given Name
Family Name
Phone number
Terms of service[利用規約]

This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".) Is, Perfection in innovative financial. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Company".) And the services provided on this website (the "Service" says.) is intended to define the conditions of use. Registered users of our (hereinafter referred to as "user".) To, in accordance with this Agreement, we will use this service.[この利用規約(以下,「本規約」といいます。)は,Perfection in innovative financial._(以下,「当社」といいます。)がこのウェブサイト上で提供するサービス(以下,「本サービス」といいます。)の利用条件を定めるものです。登録ユーザーの皆さま(以下,「ユーザー」といいます。)には,本規約に従って,本サービスをご利用いただきます。]

Article 1 (application)[第1条(適用)]

This Agreement, shall be applied to any of the relationships involved in the use of the service between the user and the Company.[本規約は,ユーザーと当社との間の本サービスの利用に関わる一切の関係に適用されるものとします。]

Article 2 (use registration)[第2条(利用登録)]

1. apply for a use registered by the method specified registration applicant is the Company, by the Company to approve this, suppose you want to use registration is completed.[1. 登録希望者が当社の定める方法によって利用登録を申請し,当社がこれを承認することによって,利用登録が完了するものとします。]

2. The Company may, if it is determined that there is a reason of the following to use the registration of the applicant, may not approve an application for use registration, and for that reason assumes no duty to disclose.[2. 当社は,利用登録の申請者に以下の事由があると判断した場合,利用登録の申請を承認しないことがあり,その理由については一切の開示義務を負わないものとします。]

1. (1) When claiming the false matters during use registration application[利用登録の申請に際して虚偽の事項を届け出た場合]
2. (2) If an application from a person who may be in violation of this Terms[本規約に違反したことがある者からの申請である場合]
3. (3) In addition, if the Company determines that it is not equivalent to use registration[その他,当社が利用登録を相当でないと判断した場合]

Article 3 (user ID and password management)[第3条(ユーザーIDおよびパスワードの管理)]

1. The user, in self-responsibility, and shall manage the user ID and password for this service.[1. ユーザーは,自己の責任において,本サービスのユーザーIDおよびパスワードを管理するものとします。]

2. The user, in any case, you will not be able to transfer or lend a user ID and password to a third party. The Company, in the case where the combination of the user ID and password has been logged in agreement with the registration information, assumes that the use by the users themselves that have registered their user ID.[2. ユーザーは,いかなる場合にも,ユーザーIDおよびパスワードを第三者に譲渡または貸与することはできません。当社は,ユーザーIDとパスワードの組み合わせが登録情報と一致してログインされた場合には,そのユーザーIDを登録しているユーザー自身による利用とみなします。]

Article 4 (usage fee and payment method)[第4条(利用料金および支払方法)]

1. The user, as consideration for the use of the Service, the Company is separately determined, the usage fee to be displayed in this web site, and shall be paid by the method in which we specify.[1. ユーザーは,本サービス利用の対価として,当社が別途定め,本ウェブサイトに表示する利用料金を,当社が指定する方法により支払うものとします。]

2. If the user has to delay the payment of a fee, the user shall pay a delay damages due to annual rate of 14.6%.[2. ユーザーが利用料金の支払を遅滞した場合には,ユーザーは年14.6%の割合による遅延損害金を支払うものとします。]

Article 5 (prohibitions)[第5条(禁止事項)]

The user, when the use of this service, must not be the following acts.[ユーザーは,本サービスの利用にあたり,以下の行為をしてはなりません。]

1. (1) laws and regulations or any act in violation of the public order and morals[法令または公序良俗に違反する行為]
2. (2) actions with respect to criminal acts[犯罪行為に関連する行為]
3. (3) The Company of or destroy the server or network functions, act or to interfere[当社のサーバーまたはネットワークの機能を破壊したり,妨害したりする行為]
4. (4) are likely to interfere with the Company's service management act[当社のサービスの運営を妨害するおそれのある行為]
5. (5) the act of collecting or storing the personal information about other users[他のユーザーに関する個人情報等を収集または蓄積する行為]
6. (6) the act of impersonating other users[他のユーザーに成りすます行為]
7. (7) related to our service, the act of donating the profits, directly or indirectly, against anti-social forces[当社のサービスに関連して,反社会的勢力に対して直接または間接に利益を供与する行為]
8. (8) Any other activities that the Company deems inappropriate[その他,当社が不適切と判断する行為]

Article 6 (such as a stop of the provision of the service)[第6条(本サービスの提供の停止等)]

1. We, the following when it is determined that there are any circumstances, and shall be able to provide all or part of the service is stopped or interrupted without prior notice to the user.[1. 当社は,以下のいずれかの事由があると判断した場合,ユーザーに事前に通知することなく本サービスの全部または一部の提供を停止または中断することができるものとします。]

1. (1) When performing maintenance or update of a computer system according to the present service[本サービスにかかるコンピュータシステムの保守点検または更新を行う場合]
2. (2) earthquake, lightning, fire, by force majeure such as a power outage or a natural disaster, if the provision of the service has become difficult[地震,落雷,火災,停電または天災などの不可抗力により,本サービスの提供が困難となった場合]
3. (3) If the computer or communication line or the like is stopped by accident[コンピュータまたは通信回線等が事故により停止した場合]
4. (4) Other, if the Company determines that difficult to provide this service[その他,当社が本サービスの提供が困難と判断した場合]
2. The Company is, by the stop or interruption of the provision of the service, for any disadvantage or damage the user or a third party has suffered, and will not assume any responsibility for any reason.[2. 当社は,本サービスの提供の停止または中断により,ユーザーまたは第三者が被ったいかなる不利益または損害について,理由を問わず一切の責任を負わないものとします。]

Article 7 (use restrictions and deregistration)[第7条(利用制限および登録抹消)]

1. the following cases, without prior notice, to the user, to restrict all or part of the use of this service, or you shall be able to cancel the registration as a user.[1. 当社は,以下の場合には,事前の通知なく,ユーザーに対して,本サービスの全部もしくは一部の利用を制限し,またはユーザーとしての登録を抹消することができるものとします。]
1. (1) If you have to comply with any provision of this Agreement[本規約のいずれかの条項に違反した場合]
2. (2) If you are that there is a false fact was found in the registration matters[登録事項に虚偽の事実があることが判明した場合]
3. (3) In addition, if the Company is determined to not appropriate the use of the service[その他,当社が本サービスの利用を適当でないと判断した場合]
2. The Company will, for the damage caused to the user by the act made by the Company under this section, does not take any responsibility.[2. 当社は,本条に基づき当社が行った行為によりユーザーに生じた損害について,一切の責任を負いません。]

Article 8 (Disclaimer)[第8条(免責事項)]

1. default responsibility of the Company, shall be exempt if it does not depend on our willful or gross negligence.[1. 当社の債務不履行責任は,当社の故意または重過失によらない場合には免責されるものとします。]

2. The Company is, even in the case where the responsibility for some reason, only within the scope of the price amount in the normal range in and paid services of the damage that can occur (one month equivalent in the case of continuous service) compensation you bear the responsibility.[2. 当社は,何らかの理由によって責任を負う場合にも,通常生じうる損害の範囲内かつ有料サービスにおいては代金額(継続的サービスの場合には1か月分相当額)の範囲内においてのみ賠償の責任を負うものとします。]

3. The Company, with respect to the present service, does not assume responsibility for transactions that occurred in between the user and the other user or third party, contact or conflict, or the like.[3. 当社は,本サービスに関して,ユーザーと他のユーザーまたは第三者との間において生じた取引,連絡または紛争等について一切責任を負いません。]

Article 9 (change of service contents, etc.)[第9条(サービス内容の変更等)]

We are, without notice to the user, it is assumed that it is possible to stop the provision of the modified or the service contents of this service, this does not take any responsibility for the damage caused to the user.[当社は,ユーザーに通知することなく,本サービスの内容を変更しまたは本サービスの提供を中止することができるものとし,これによってユーザーに生じた損害について一切の責任を負いません。]

Article 10 (Change of Terms of Service)[第10条(利用規約の変更)]

Company, when it is determined necessary, shall be able to modify these Terms at any time without notifying the user.[当社は,必要と判断した場合には,ユーザーに通知することなくいつでも本規約を変更することができるものとします。]

Article 11 (notification or contact)[第11条(通知または連絡)]

Notification or communication between the user and the Company shall be carried out by the method prescribed by the Company.[ユーザーと当社との間の通知または連絡は,当社の定める方法によって行うものとします。]

Article 12 (prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)[第12条(権利義務の譲渡の禁止)]

Users, without the prior written consent of LaCie, the transfer of rights or obligations based on the position or the Terms on the service contract to a third party, or can not be subjected to collateral.[ユーザーは,当社の書面による事前の承諾なく,利用契約上の地位または本規約に基づく権利もしくは義務を第三者に譲渡し,または担保に供することはできません。]

Article 13 (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)[第13条(準拠法・裁判管轄)]

1. In the interpretation of this Agreement, and Japanese law and the governing law.[1. 本規約の解釈にあたっては,日本法を準拠法とします。]

2. If the dispute with respect to the present service has occurred, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the court that has jurisdiction over the company's head office location.
that's all[2. 本サービスに関して紛争が生じた場合には,当社の本店所在地を管轄する裁判所を専属的合意管轄とします。]

Credit card information


If you are a payment by credit card, please enter the required information. (Up to 3 license worth in one of the settlement is available for purchase)

An sales page of EA by PIF company.An sales page of EA by PIF company.

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MT4 to your computer also will be installed, select the EA or the like SERECT RICH provides.


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Once, if it is possible to set each item with a personal computer, it is possible for you to browse on the go, even from devices such as smartphones.


Once a day, for example, set in the morning before going out, it seems that depending on the type of the EA if returning home have come up with some results.


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There is a possibility that the type of EA is increased in a future update.


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